Biology (2020)

Chemistry 2020

I authored a paper on, ‘How do different acids affect the rate of corrosion?’. I investigated the effect of pH on the rate of Iron oxide formation on steel wool.

Physics 2020

I authored a paper on ‘How does the photoelectric current falling on a photosensitive plate respond to a change in the angle at which the polariser is placed, therefore changing its intensity?’. Investigations and inferences drawn by testing the relationship between the angle of a polariser and photoelectric current.

Mathematics 2020

I authored a paper on ‘Modelling the frequency of concussions in the NFL’ using statistics and mathematical modelling techniques.

Biology+Chemistry+Physics 2019

I was part of a group project using 3 sciences for sustainability to identify the ingredients and the quantity of the ingredients used to make the most durable bioplastic (and consequently the most suitable for the production of cutlery). We made cutlery like bowls, cups & glasses from bioplastic made from agar and gelatin and tested elasticity and usefulness.