Volunteer at Kim’s Hospital for Covid-19 July 2020

I assisted the overworked hospital staff by phoning Coronavirus affected patients, monitoring their progress and symptoms on a daily basis and reported the same to the doctors on call. I also spoke to patients, helping them with their queries, counseled their anxieties and educated them on the importance of steam inhalations in their recovery process.

Food Parcels for Local Policemen March-July 2020

~I volunteered to make food parcels for the local policemen during the ockdown period of the pandemic. I helped with chopping, cooking and parceling the food distributed by our community volunteers to the policemen.

Choice Foundation Crowdfunding May 2020

~I managed to raise $1500 through crowdfunding for the treatment of SARI (respiratory disease) for underprivileged children. The total amount raised by my group ($ 32000) was donated to Little Stars Hospital for medicines, Covid 19 testing, childrens’ beds and stay of the parents accompanying them. I spoke about the disease and its implications and the campaign during an interview with ETV, a local TV Channel.

Taught English to Driver’s Son March-June 2020

~ Due to the closing down of primary schools during Covid, our driver’s child was unable to attend school and since the parents are uneducated, I volunteered to teach him how to write the English alphabet and numbers