Every Paw Matters

January 2020 to Date ~I participated in a volunteer group for adoption, feeding and medical care of street animals pan Hyderabad. Due to the lockdown restrictions, I am feeding dogs and cats in my vicinity and reporting their well-being to the organisation.

Rain-Water Harvester for School (January 2020)

~I built a rainwater harvester as part of a CAS project for school and educated juniors about its uses and benefits.

Paper Bag Promotion Project (January 2020)

~I visited local shop-owners to educate them about the environmental harm from plastic bags and also distributed paper bags to all those who agreed to switch to the less harmful option.

Youth for Seva (September 2019)

~I coached underprivileged children for the NMMS Scholarship Examinations every Saturday and Sunday of the month. The subjects I taught included Mathematics, Social Studies and Science

Bake Sales for Blue Cross (Summer 2017 & 2018)

~I baked cookies, cakes and other goodies and sold them to friends, relatives and visitors and donated the proceeds to Blue Cross for the care of animals.