About Me

I’m American by citizenship, Indian by birth and human by choice.

Driven by empathy & social consciousness, I pride myself in being woke enough to accept the pitfalls as well as splendours of both cultures and look to finding my space on the juncture of the two without losing my individuality as an upright global denizen.

My ambition centers on seeking personal excellence whether in work or pleasure pursuits. An inherent need for social justice pushes me to explore the options in psychology to build a fulfilling career in the space of mental health, that complements my goal of making this world a better, safer and fairer place for all.

I’m not all about solemnity so when I’m not deep-sea diving or cliff-jumping, I enjoy playing my piano or violin and singing any blues away. I derive joy from simple things like reading, travel, feeding strays in my neighborhood and gorging on mexican food.